It’s hard to believe that MIPIM is over for another year. As the world’s leading real estate exhibition, this 4-day conference and networking event brought together over 30k international property professionals from all over the globe to influence and accelerate the transformation of the built environment.

Our MD, Ashley Said-Kirton, Sales & Marketing Director, Lee Purvis, and Manoj Bhardwaj, Chief Finance Officer, headed to the South of France with a suitcase full of Avande Select marketing materials including our new developer brochure and interactive business cards. The team were keen to make new contacts and start new business relationships whilst also catching up with a lot of our existing clients and partners, further cementing the relationships we have with some of the leading property companies in the UK.

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From government contacts, Mayors, leading regional schemes, multi scheme developers, architects, consultants, strategic technical partners, high end residential developers and national framework partnerships, the team made significant new contacts that will be hugely beneficial to the business and all involved.

The key take-out from their 4-day sojourn was that Devolution is the word of the day. Local authorities within the UK regions are increasingly taking control of their own commercial, residential and mixed-use spaces. Regeneration is a broad term that, in the context of towns and cities, covers large projects whose aim is to promote economic growth as well as smaller-scale works that are designed to improve the quality of life.

The LAs are looking at regenerating and developing in a holistic way, targeting down-at-heel areas across the country in order to improve the prospects of those that live there and encourage others to do so. Think affordable housing in district centres, supercharged connectivity between towns, and a focus on diversity and wellbeing. It is about bringing everyone on the regeneration journey.

Our team met with the leads of various local governments, including Newcastle and Gateshead, Bristol and Bath, Cardiff, South Central, Manchester, West Midlands, Liverpool and Belfast to discuss the Avande proposition to deliver smart essential technology infrastructure through the fabric of these redevelopment projects to enable central and remote monitoring of energy usage, essential system control and to gather and report important data from sensor points along this framework.

In addition, and in our view most importantly, taking this smart system all the way through to the homeowner and resident to create a technology highway for the community that spans throughout the development, whether it’s embedded into a commercial unit, a mixed-use building or someone’s home.

Finally, creating a community Avande Select Portal for all residents so they can choose to personalise their smart experience in the traditional Avande Select manner. The feedback from all that we met was that the Avande Select Portal is an essential tool for the modern day home, enabling homes to be futureproofed, cutting costs and enabling even the lowest value homes to offer this technology to their owners is important.

The team were also fortunate enough to meet with a great number of developers, influencers (such as legal teams, estate agents, contractors) and a whole host of other contacts that have embraced the Avande Select standpoint and given us huge validation and affirmation that we have created something special; a market disruptor that will radically change the property industry, and that we are indeed on the right track with our Avande Connect/Avande Select Day 1 to Day 2 offering.

“More than anything this week has affirmed our unique offering of Avande Select as being an essential need for the regeneration of the UK’s housing market.”
Ashley Said-Kirton, MD

Avande Select is already the largest and only smart technology portal supplier to the MDU sector. We are focused on bringing smart technology to the masses, creating the future of smart living and at the same time changing the way national regeneration projects are specified, removing cost and risk from developers, giving more choice to homeowners, and at the same time bringing new opportunities to communities in the UK through smart technology. We are proud to be working in partnership with Knight Dragon on the Greenwich Peninsula regeneration project in London and hope to be able to apply our experience and expertise to other urban renewal projects across the UK.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2023 brings. Roll on MIPIM 2024!

If you are a developer who would like to find out more about the Avande Select offering, we host regular webinars with our Managing Director Ashley Said-Kirton.