Avande Select Strikes Distribution Partnership with Orcomm

Leading smart home supplier to the MDU sector, Avande Select, has announced a distribution partnership to supply the cutting-edge Orcomm Digilux lighting platform to the UK new build and retro fit markets.  

Not only does Avande Select offer consumers a compelling smart home purchasing and maintenance combination and a revolutionary sales, supply and support package but it also provides developers with a risk-free way of including full smart home capabilities in their projects. They have now announced a new addition to their brand line up which gives them exclusive rights to the advanced range of Orcomm Digilux lighting products for the UK market.

Avande Select customers will now have access to the Digilux market leading smart switch which offers control of whole home automated and intelligent lighting systems, beautiful on-wall light switches and the feature rich and easy to use app to control the whole system via users’ smart devices. Voice control via Alexa & Google Home is also available.

Offering its range of switches, bridges and plates, the Digilux platform has broken new ground by combining strong aesthetics, flexibility, ease of use and price competitiveness.

The Digilux family of Architectural Faceplates have been created to offer maximum flexibility in terms of use and looks. CNC machined solid metal face plates are available in a wide variety of finishes to match any interior design scheme and provide an elegant interface for the end user. Antique copper, polished chrome, polished brass, brushed brass, antique pewter, black metal, white metal and brushed chrome are all available as well as the standard white and black finishes.

Partnering the faceplates are a range of advanced module switches and dimmers offering customers a myriad of control choices to suit any development and any home. Available in white or black, the modules are easily interchangeable so the system can evolve over time to offer different options for Day One and then Day Two scenarios where use has changed or evolved.

Accompanying the hardware are the advanced software capabilities which allow end users access to the 21st century of lighting controls.

Simple and fast commissioning directly from the platform’s app means set up is not only quick but remains highly flexibility thereafter. Set up is available by the Avande Select on-site technicians, but once installed, the end user can take full control. Customers can easily set and create their own scenes and energy saving scenarios directly from the app, allowing the system to change and evolve over time. Customers can also access their system when away from the home, adding another layer of control and convenience.

Ashley Said-Kirton, Managing Director at Avande Select, explains,

“Digilux is the industry leading smart lighting switch, providing whole home control of lighting via elegant on-wall light switches and an incredible app. The Digilux switches lend themselves perfectly to the developments Avande Select are working on. As developers we now have a fantastic Day One option to give smart lighting control to projects as well as easy, effective and efficient Day Two upgrade options.

It couldn’t be simpler to swap a standard light switch to a smart Digilux switch. Products like Digilux enable Avande Select to lead the frontline of technology solutions for the thousands of homeowners via our unique technology portal. It offers an easy and bespoke way for them to make informed decisions about the technology they need for their home either as they move in or at any time afterwards.

Avande Select alongside Orcomm aims to make the Digilux smart switch THE standard light switch of the modern-day home.”

If you are a developer who would like to find out more about the Avande Select offering, we host regular webinars with our Managing Director Ashley Said-Kirton.