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Landmark Place, The Height of Luxury Living

Landmark Place, The Height of Luxury Living

Avande functions as the preferred technology expert for many of London’s most prestigious and technologically advanced developments. Being one of the most popular cities in the world to live in or move to, London’s designers and developers need the very best when creating their projects in every aspect of the build.

Avande provides much of the technology, control and entertainment systems delivered as standard or available as upgrades in many of London’s most sought-after developments including this stunning project, Landmark Place.

Avande’s experience and knowledge in the sector means our expert teams can deliver a package to suit whatever each project requires. If technology is to be supplied as standard, we deliver the necessary systems to budget and on-time, if the developer wants to leave the choosing of automation and entertainment systems to the home buyer, we deliver that also working directly with the homeowner as they purchase or even after that have moved in. This second option means the homeowner gets the technology they want at absolutely no cost to the developer.

Landmark Place, The Height of Luxury Living

Landmark Place:
High-profile, high-quality

Built on the site of a former office block belonging to global foods company, Tate & Lyle Sugar, Landmark Place occupies an enviable space on London’s River Thames and possesses some of the best views of the capital’s most prominent and iconic buildings including St Pauls Cathedral and Tower Bridge. The development is located close to London’s financial district, as well as a wealth of cultural hotspots such as the Tate Modern and The Globe Theatre.

Landmark Place offers open plan luxury apartment living delivered to the standard expected for a development such as this, but with the highly attractive bonus of intelligent smart home features supplied by Avande. Our team was responsible for the design, supply and commission of all the automation, control systems and Wi-Fi networks which take these apartments to the next level in convenience, luxury and functionality.

As well as the apartments, our team also designed, supplied and commissioned the communal lighting control system, the gym audio visual system and automation controls as well as the entertainment system available in the communal cinema room. Our knowledge, built-up over many developments of this type, means every corner of prestigious buildings of this type can enjoy the functionality and ease of use our systems offer.

For Landmark Place, high-quality established brands such as GIRA and Loxone, both experts in attractive home automation solutions, enable residents to control their lighting, heating, hot water, cooling, towel rails, underfloor heating, as well as set ‘scenes’ to match every mood for entertaining, resting, working or just enjoying a quiet night in.

Landmark Place, The Height of Luxury Living

Creating and controlling beautiful homes

Powered by an automation system known as KNX, the backbone of many modern intelligent buildings, the Avande team built a range of convenient and attractive abilities right into the fabric of each apartment at Landmark Place.

Using a mixture of automation specialist brands including Loxone and GIRA, residents can intuitively control their heating and lighting adding levels of convenience and aesthetics simply not available until recent times. As well as being able to control the heating, lights and content such as music directly from beautifully designed on-wall switches, residents can also control all the systems in each property via a Samsung Tablet.