5 common smart home myths debunked

Avande Select explains, and dispels, the 5 major myths about including smart home technology in a new home or renovation project.

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1. Smart home tech is too expensive

As with many relatively new technologies, the early days of introduction can often see a pricing structure that is out of reach for some consumers. As a market matures and fresh ways are found to achieve the same results, economies of scale begin to have a strong effect, and prices come down and become affordable for everyone. This is exactly the phase the smart home technology sector is in right now.

The smart home industry has been around longer than you might think, decades in fact. Now, especially if you use the Avande Select Portal, smart homes are affordable for everyone and have become a desirable and necessary addition to any home, much like a fitted kitchen or well-appointed bathroom.

2. Smart home systems are hard to maintain

Any type of technology can seem a little impenetrable to the uninitiated. Some types of technology can gain a reputation for being only for ‘enthusiasts’ or ‘geeks’, with a special level of interest and knowledge needed to keep it in top condition and working order.

Today’s smart home and automated systems couldn’t be more different. Once a smart home system has been fitted by a professional installer, such as Avande Select, much of the functionality happens automatically. Lighting, security, temperature and the environment are controlled without the homeowners having to do anything at all. The system’s software also updates automatically providing the latest functionality, again without the owners having to lift a finger or read a manual.

What is more, all Avande Select systems come with full after-sale service, so if anything does require adding or any maintenance needs to take place, it is all taken care of.

3. Smart homes are complicated and confusing

Almost all of the technology that controls a smart home system will already be familiar to homeowners.

Much of the control comes from easy-to-understand apps via smart devices, a method of control already familiar to millions. Homeowners don’t have to know how the technology works. They just need to recognise a few familiar icons on a smart device or a few labelled buttons on an attractive wall-mounted controller to bring the system under their spell. Ease of use is the market’s main mantra; Avande have spent many years perfecting it.

Many smart home systems are created specifically for the home or building they are included in, not to mention a bespoke build for the people who will be using them, adding further layers of ease of use and familiarity.

Finally, most of what happens in a smart home takes place automatically, controlled by stimuli such as the weather, level of light, time of day or triggers, such as the family returning home.

To gain many of the benefits of a smart home, owners need do nothing except go about their daily lives.

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4. Smart home systems become obsolete

Lots of other products in different areas may suffer from this type of phenomenon, but smart home systems by definition are ‘smart’. This means they update automatically and maintain top performance.

These days, smart home install specialists like Avande Select can also ‘dial in’ to systems remotely to check the health of the system and ensure everything is working efficiently. As it is the software that controls most of what happens, this can continually be updated and retains independence from any hardware in the home that is used to deliver the functionality.

Hardware like speakers, cameras, alarms, sensors or in fact any equipment used in a smart home system, can easily be swapped out as newer models become available, should the homeowner desire, without interrupting or interfering with the system’s performance.

Far from becoming obsolete, smart home systems continually evolve to offer new functionality to suit the changing lifestyle of their owners.

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5. Smart home systems are only for young people

This is possibly the biggest myth of all as figures show that take up amongst more mature homeowners is very popular. Customers over 50 represent one of the industry’s most important markets. Part of this can be put down to higher levels of disposable income in older age groups, but it is also a testament to how adaptable and bespoke smart home systems are.

Whatever the age group, cultural demographic or lifestyle, there is a smart home system to suit. They are bespoke, created for each home and each family.

We can all make assumptions about how interested in ‘technology’ different age groups may be, but this is thinking about smart homes in the wrong way. You don’t have to be interested in ‘tech’, just interested in making a home a happier, more entertaining, efficient and welcoming place to be, and that covers pretty much everyone!

The Avande Select Portal

What is the Avande Select Portal? A unique online service that allows homeowners to choose curated smart technologies to enhance their lives. Once choices are made, our expert engineers deliver a fuss-free, installation and offer full maintenance for the lifetime of the system.