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Innovative property services


Innovative property services


Smart technology with Avande Select

What is the Select Service by Avande? Simply put we are your smart technology partner. Our unique service is offered exclusively to homeowners purchasing a property from one of our partner developers.

Within our service we create your Select Portal. A portal where you will see your own property and all of the latest smart technology and home automation, we have designed for it. These upgrades can bring your home to life, allow you to interact with your surroundings seamlessly and can bring a level of comfort and security not achievable with standard home installations.

App control of your systems will allow home and away control, scheduling, scene setting and much more. If you can just imagine pressing one button that you have set to ‘cinema’ and your lights dim to 25%, your blinds close and your surround sound kicks in…then you can start to see what is achievable.

To create your portal, we need to know your property intimately. From number of lighting circuits, to switch locations from the size of your windows to how many heating zones you have. This means there is no disruption on installation, and your ‘new home’ warranty stays in place. All of this preparation work will be done by us, before you even step foot in your property.

You will have the latest smart technology upgrades at your fingertips and the choice of what to purchase now, later or whenever suits, is entirely up to you.

The portal is for life, so is always being updated and keeping you ahead of the game. When your friends are talking about the latest tech innovation…you could already have it!

So whether you wish to have a smart intruder system with GPS ‘away from home’ panic button and app control, or you just want to show off your amazing home cinema and audio system to your friends…the Avande Select service has your back!

Future proof your home with smart technology

Smart home systems are becoming an integral part of the way we live. From controlled lighting to home cinema systems, tailored home security systems and intelligent heating systems, homeowners and property developers across the UK are beginning to adopt the concept of installing smart home systems to aid and simplify busy lifestyles.

As a leading smart home technology company, Avande is working with property developers and homeowners alike to update and future-proof homes and developments. Smart technology is constantly evolving, but with the innovative Avande Select Portal, no matter the changes in technology, we ensure our clients continue to stay up to date with the latest in automation and devices.

All of the Avande smart systems are fitted by our experienced engineers with minimum fuss and zero impact on the interiors of the homes. The systems can be fitted before new buyers move in or after, and all the choices can be made easily and efficiently using each homeowner’s unique code to enter the Avande Select Portal.

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Whether you are a property developer looking to future proof your homes or a homeowner aiming to upgrade your living, Avande Select tailors their smart tech to meet the needs of everyone.









  • Reduce your environmental impact – Our energy management upgrades ensure your home becomes more energy efficient, now and in the future.

  • Future-proof your home – Your portal is consistently updated to include the latest in smart home technology. Working with Avande is a long-term solution to future-proof your home.

  • Take full control of your home automation – Avande’s Select portal allows you to have complete control over how you would like to interact with your home and which smart home systems you would like to install.

  • Strong and capable connectivity – Avande is not your average AV installer. Our high-end solutions won’t impact or limit your Wi-Fi capability, ensuring complete control both at home and away.

  • Great value – all systems on your portal are offered at a price point below that of the high street RRP.

Property Developers

  • Smart technology is a capital cost few developers consider. But the demand for tech that ‘just works’ has app control and is integrated is becoming a major driving force in a developer’s decision to include at least some smart technology. With the Select portal, there is no need for the developer to have this capital cost.
  • If smart technology and automation is a consideration, which systems does a developer install as a Day 1 benefit. How can they know if a homeowner’s preference is a smart security upgrade or reducing their bills and carbon footprint with smart lighting and heating. The answer is they can’t. With the Select Portal there is no need to decide. A developer can leave that decision down to the homeowner. Giving their clients the freedom and flexibility to choose based on their needs and priorities.
  • Our smart integration can be installed at any point during your project development, but upgrades don’t need to be installed until after the homeowner has moved in and signed up to the Select portal.
  • Avande has made the smart home technology journey simple. Once the smart home integration has been installed, your homeowners will be offered a portal code to log into the system and select their upgrades. We will then be in touch to finalise and commission their chosen technology.
  • Smart home automation with Avande will make your property development even more energy efficient. By offering energy-saving technology, you can put a tick in your green credentials box.


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